About Us


What started as a Vedic conscious living for our families, ensuring the products we use are free from any sort of cruelty to any living being as well as on our skin. A range of ethical natural products based on the time tested wisdom of the “Vedas”

NO harmful chemicals, NO sulphates, NO parabens,

We Love What We Do

We are very passionate about holistic living & we undertake great research for the betterment of our products and services.

Our Team of Ayurveda Practitioners and In-House Vedic Expert with a plethora of authentic knowledge serves as a road map to develop new products.

We regularly conduct customer interaction which help us to understand the customer needs and enlighten them with our Vedic Philosophy of our product line.

We are One

At Simply Vedic we value our Customers and their well-being, which is utmost importance to us. We are One, We are One Global Family.

Our Promise !!!

We Promise you the best of efforts to provide you the best possible natural product which would serve you and our lovely planet..

Let us Re- Divine you cause you are born Divine.